Collecting Bunnykins Figurines has been an interesting hobby of ours since 1996. We have bought and sold nearly every Bunnykins in the range, but particularly concentrated on the Bunnykins models up to and including DB250. At one stage we had a couple of Blue and Green Oompah Bands in our collection and also 2 complete sets of the Footballers and Goalkeepers. We certainly had the Bunnykins collecting "bug". We commenced trading on Ebay in 1998 (when it was in its infancy). There were no buy it now or best offers just straight out auctions. Half the fun was having competitive bidding wars when you wanted to purchase a sought after piece or watch with delight as a bidding war erupted for a sought after model you had placed up for auction.

Bunnykins Value

The most commonly asked question we receive is what is my Bunnykins Figurine actually worth ? Well it depends upon when you purchased your Bunnykins and how astute you were in buying them. For most collectors who purchased their Bunnykins prior to 2000, then your Bunnykins Figurines are worth a lot less now than if you purchased at market prices before 2000. Although there are trends in collecting Figurines (and prices rise and fall like any market), it appears as if Bunnykins market has well and truly imploded and the prices have been falling since the mid 1990's. 

If you look back through the past editions of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Bunnykins you will be amazed at the values being quoted in each edition especially when compared with the values they are attaining today. In 1999 (I think) we sold a Green Oompah Band Set on Ebay for $2600 USD (there was no Australian Ebay at that time). This was especially good as the Australian Dollar at the time was 0.48 to 0.50 the rate of the USD. Since the auction was listed in USD we collected about $5400 for the sale. Needless to say we whipped the blue Set up as well and received a similar return.

Auction Results

Recently we have been keeping a database of the prices Bunnykins have attained online in auctions in Australia. In a couple of months we will have a fully searchable database which you can access through your browser where you can search all the bunnykins that have been manufactured including their DB Model number, photos (where we have them) and whether the Bunnykins was issued as a limited edition and if it formed part of a set or series. We will also present the average sale price each bunnykins model has attained (including the lowest and highest prices that were paid). You can search and see how many times a particular Bunnykins has been sold or traded in the auctions to see how popular it is.

Access to the database will have a small yearly subscription fee. If you buy and sell Bunnykins then this is a fantastic resource which will pay for itself very quickly.